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January 06, 2012


Rick Esenberg

When I first saw this, I thought that perhaps I had been unfair to Ms. Thompson. In almost six years of doing this, I figure I've screwed up once in a while.

But if I was, you didn't find it. These posts were after she was convicted for a political crime, i.e.. of awarding a contract to benefit her political bosses. That's different than the Russell case. There isn't even an allegation of that.

Not an apt analogy at all.

Brew City Brawler

First, one of the three posts was before the conviction (Doyle is Nixon!).
Second, even after she was convicted there was no evidence that Doyle pressured her -- but despite that you continued to press the innuendo.
FInally, after the conviction was tossed you continued to maintain the "we can't assume Doyle isn't corrupt" line.
Your outrage that people who don't know a damn thing are peddling theories is more than a bit rich and the analogy holds.

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